Climate Pledge Arena

334 1st Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109

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Seattle Center Monorail

Come check out the brand new Seattle Center Monorail! It’s a 90-second ride which gets you from downtown Seattle to Climate Pledge Arena.

Park downtown and take the Monorail. It is the fastest option to get to and from your event. The Monorail takes accepts ORCA cards, credit/debit cards, and contactless payment.

Seattle Center Monorail

Public Transportation

Public transit is the fastest (and greenest) way to get to Climate Pledge Arena! Now, guests receive a free public transit pass alongside their ticket for every publicly ticketed event at the arena.

With expanded Light Rail service and easy parking at most stations, public transit is an easy, hassle-free way to get to your event.

Climate Pledge Arena and Seattle Center are also serviced by extensive bus service routes. Use the trip planner below to make your plan.

Plan Your Ride


Parking is available at every price point for every budget. Downtown has lots of parking with a fast, fun Monorail trip, getting you and your friends quickly to Climate Pledge Arena.

Stop hunting for parking and pre-purchase your spot for a variety of parkings lots and garages using the Seattle Kraken Mobile App.

If you want to park closer or need ADA accessible parking, Climate Pledge Arena offers spots at these garages:


Sea-Tac Airport

Located 15 miles south of Climate Pledge Arena, Sea-Tac is a convenient Light Rail ride from the Airport Station to the Westlake Station and then a quick transfer on to the Monorail. If traveling by car, via I-5 plan for about 40 minutes travel time without major traffic delays.

Sea-Tac International Airport


Guests riding bikes to arena events are encouraged to use the many protected bike lanes surrounding the arena.

Bike Link Bicycle lockers are available in the 1st Ave N Garage on a first-come, first-served basis. They are available with a Bike Link card purchased from BikeLink – On-Demand Bike Parking OR through the Bike Link mobile app.

Taking a rental scooter to an event at Climate Pledge Arena? Please park it at one of the short-term bike racks.

Short-term bike parking is available around the plaza, mostly located at the Northeast corner of the East Plaza. Please note that short-term bike parking will require the use of a personal bike lock.

Lyft Rideshare

Lyft Rideshare

As the official rideshare partner of Climate Pledge Arena, you can take Lyft to and from CPA for every event. See pick up zone locations near the arena.
For the 30 minutes following the event, rideshare vehicles will not be allowed to pick up passengers nearby Climate Pledge Arena. During this window, passengers are encouraged to walk east to pick up at this location:
  • Thomas St & Taylor Ave N

Once the 30 minute post-event window has passed, rideshare passengers can resume normal usage.

As the official ride share partner of Climate Pledge Arena and the Seattle Kraken, you can take a Lyft to and from Climate Pledge Arena for every event. For new Lyft users, use code: SEAKRAKEN to get 50% off for next 2 rides.

Disclosure: “Limited quantity available. 50% off your next 2 rides. You have 2 rides remaining. Max savings of $10 per ride. Discount applies to the fare, Service fee, tolls, and taxes only. Offer valid until 30 days after activation. Does not apply towards bike and scooter bad parking fines. Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

How to access your free transit pass on event nights

Your free public transit pass is available for use 2 hours before doors open and 2 hours after the event.