Our goal is to be the most progressive, responsible, and sustainable arena in the world.

It might sound ambitious—
but that’s the point.

What is the Climate Pledge?

This arena is named after
The Climate Pledge,
not a corporation.

We are taking the goals Amazon and Global Optimism set by creating The Climate Pledge and inviting others to join. The Climate Pledge is a big step – it says that even big, complex companies that have a lot of physical infrastructure can and should reduce their carbon emissions.

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Our Goals

1. Carbon Zero

Create the first International Living Future Institute certified zero carbon arena in the world.

  • No fossil fuel consumption in the arena for daily use: mechanical systems, gas combustion engines, heating, dehumidification, and cooking – all converted to electric.
  • Solar Panels on the Alaska Airlines Atrium and 1st Ave Garage combined with off-site supplementary renewable energy for 100% renewable energy power.
  • Reducing all carbon emission activities and offsetting all those we can not – like transportation – by purchasing credible carbon offsets.

2. Zero Single-Use Plastic

We are the first arena and NHL Team to announce our intention to eliminate single-use plastics, which we are committed to being 100% free of by 2024.

3. Water Conservation

Given our location on Puget Sound, we believe it is important to demonstrate leadership in water quality and water use wherever we can.

  • Our “Rain to Rink” system harvests water off the roof, collects it into a 15,000 gallon cistern, and turns it into the greenest ice in the NHL.
  • Waterless urinals and ultra-efficient showers.
  • Significant on-site retention tanks reduce stormwater runoff.
  • Water bottle filling stations throughout the arena.

4. Zero Waste

By greatly simplifying our supply chain we will target a 95%+ diversion rate, which is considered ‘zero waste’ in the industry.

  • Consumer education, beautiful and simple infographics, and on-site sorting allows us to reach this unprecedented level of performance.
  • We compost our waste and recycle extensively throughout the arena.
  • Removing single-use plastics from the arena by 2024.

Our Commitments

 Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Form Advisory Committee with our partners at Amazon to deepen our commitment to be most progressive and sustainable arena in the world.
Transparency & Reporting

Transparency & Reporting

Create transparency and public reporting on initiatives progress with smart meters and displays.
Arena Events

Arena Events

Host arena events that celebrate the environment and our commitments to green operations.
Education Partnerships

Education Partnerships

Partnerships with educational institutions to utilize the arena as a classroom for environmental education.