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October 1, 2021

Along with the Arena opening, the Seattle Department of Transportation has designed improvements that include curbside modifications, enhanced Uptown and Arena access through transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements.  To learn more about how SDOT and Climate Pledge Arena are improving multi-modal transportation options in the Uptown neighborhood in 2021, visit or

As identified in the map above, street and sidewalk improvements are in progress.  This work will include use of heavy equipment that may be impactful and generate noise. 

It is in progress at the following locations:

  • Warren Ave N between Thomas St and John St will be closed for repaving the weekend of Oct. 9-10.
  • Sidewalk work on the SW side of 1st Ave N at Thomas St is underway and projected to continue through October 8th.  Access to Pottery NW will be redirected on Thomas St. 
  • Work at the intersection of Queen Anne Ave and Thomas St is projected to continue through mid-October.  While overhead work is being performed, traffic will be managed by UPOs.
  • Work on the south side of 2nd Ave N and W Denny Way is on hold. 
  • Installation of the protected bike lane on the west side of 1st Ave N between Denny Way and Thomas St is complete but not open for use.

From 7 am on Saturday, Oct. 2 through 10 pm Sunday, Oct. 3, repaving work will be performed on parts of 1st Ave N and Thomas St. 

See map above.  This work will be fairly impactful with noise and street closures.

  • 1st Ave N will be closed to vehicular traffic between John St and Harrison St
  • Pedestrian traffic will be maintained on the West side and access to Pottery NW will remain available
  • Vehicles heading east on Harrison St will be able to turn left/north on to 1st Ave N
  • Thomas St, will be closed between 1st Ave N and Warren Ave N, including both intersections (see attached map)
  • Access to Sacred Heart Church will be maintained via 2nd Ave N or the alley between Warren Ave and 2nd Ave N
  • Work hours will be 7 am-10 pm on both days.  Street closures will remain in place overnight. 

Proper signage, staffing and safety measures will be in place at all locations. 

SDOT approved the use of 2nd Ave for inbound and outbound trucks during the hours of 7 am–10 pm Mon.–Fri. and 9 am–10 pm Sat., Sun., and Holidays.

SDOT approved routes for all hours include westbound on Thomas St. to southbound Queen Anne Ave. N. 

Construction is allowed 24/7.  Impact work hours are limited to daytime work only.

Construction Impact Work Hours: 
Monday- Friday 8 am – 5 pm impact work
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 9 am – 5 pm impact work

  • Ice rink dasher boards and glass have been installed.
  • Ice work is being done Sept. 27-Oct. 2. 
  • Work on the 1st Ave N garage continues and includes pressure washing, striping, elevator and fire alarm, and signage.
  • South Parcel paving is underway.
  • Landscaping work will be performed around the perimeter of the South Parcel through the month of October.
  • Stair and elevation work on the plaza areas continues to bring the exterior to life.
  • Exterior art installations are underway.
  • Installation of landscaping flora continues on the south side of the Arena. 
  • Food & beverage equipment installation continues.
  • Interior art installations are nearing completion.
  • Retail spaces and concession stands are taking shape.
  • Areas are being reviewed, signed off and sealed for occupancy. 

North Courtyard – Renovation of the North Courtyards (upper and lower) continues.  The Courtyards are closed to the public and access will be limited to Seattle Center staff and Resident Organizations.  Proper staffing and safety measures are in place.  Courtyard work is being done during daytime hours only.

Upgrades to the upper NW breezeway between KEXP and The Vera Project continue.  Improvements including replacement of the concrete slab, waterproofing and structural reinforcement of the slab are underway.

Work hours are Monday – Saturday, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.  This work is projected to continue through September and the breezeway will be closed to pedestrian access for the duration of the project.

Bi-Weekly Arena Meeting – Open to all, the bi-weekly Arena meetings are open house forums to provide project updates and coordinate with stakeholders including but not limited to local businesses, communities, SDOT, SDCI and Seattle Center resident organizations on construction impacts and efforts to support ongoing activities at Seattle Center and in the adjacent communities. 

Upcoming schedule: 

Date                    Time       Location

Oct. 14            8 am        Zoom Virtual meeting –


CONSTRUCTION EMAIL:  [email protected]

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